Adom Creative Subsidiary

Responsive Design

We create elegant, efficient, & functional designs that adapt to any screen size, from desktop to mobile and everything in between.

iOS & Android

Games & Apps are a gold mine; let us turn your idea into a product before someone beats you to it. Your development could be free with Startup Pricing.

Brand Recognition

Get more Likes on Facebook & more Clicks on Google. We can take care of all social media profiles & search engine results.

Original Content

We do all types of writing; technical, academic, recreational, critique, and more. We also produce original videos, animations, sounds, music, jingles, and any other digitally deliverable product or service ani you can imagine.

Perfect Code

Immaculate, efficient, & portable code that is 100% W3 Validated, every time. We specialize in efficiency, giving your customers faster load times & saving your bandwidth.

Awesome Support

100% of Customer Inquiries are answered the same business day. You speak to a member of our development or marketing team directly, everytime, guaranteed.

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Or, meet a few of our awesome staff members.

Dan Lindsey | Owner & Full Stack Developer

Dan Lindsey

Full Stack Developer

14+ Years experience

Full Stack Programmer with 14+ years experience developing web & software applications. Academically awarded writer specializing in copyright, content, academic & technical writing. Graduate of UNC-Wilmington.

Craige Leeder | Server & Security

Craige Leeder

Server & Security

12+ Years experience

Running servers and programming since 2004. Security guru specializing in SSL & Data Encryption. Expert in nearly every server-side software available, in addition to maintaining servers and programming for SearchTempest.

Gursahib Singh | Graphics & Design

Gursahib Singh

Lead Designer

11+ Years experience

Graphic/Logo, UI/UX, & Print designer creating stunning works over the past decade while also mastering UI/UX design over the past 7 years. Specializes in bringing brands to life and overseeing team progress on concepts.

Eric Larson | Graphics & Design

Eric Larson

Graphics & Ads

10+ Years experience

Graphic & Ad designer with over 10 years experience. Specializes in creating recognizable logos and advertisements for both print & web. Always up-to-date with the latest design trends and can deliver concepts for all needs.

James Walker | SEO & Analytics

Jacob Welsh

SEO & Analytics

8+ Years experience

In addition to creating Stock Market Software, Jake is an authority on SEO & Analytics. He tracks every imaginable diagnostic, giving you vital insight on visitor behavior.

Jared Clark | Marketing & Sales

Jared Clark

Marketing & Sales

6+ Years experience

Has managed sales accounts for Fortune 500 companies in addition to getting new startup companies the recognition and exposure they need. Graduate of UNC-Charlotte.

Well, several things...

  1. Because you're on it, right now, and you're pretty awesome. Aren't you?
  2. Adom - With our proprietary content delivery software, Adom, we are able to cut out the fat of big-box frameworks while remaining scalable for larger projects, allowing lightening fast loading times for clients of all levels.
  3. SmartLoading - With Adom's SmartLoad technology, only necessary data is downloaded. This can be crucial if you're scaling to millions or billions of visits. Adom makes live manipulation of URLs & Browser History a snap.
  4. Valid HTML - Remember back in the days of Netscape, when client-side code had to be perfect for cross-platform compatibility? Maybe we're just showing our age, but we still insist on that same meticulous perfection to ensure that extra edge in efficiency and loading times.
  5. No copyright - If you feel like taking any of our cool effects, icons, etc on this site, feel free to extract them and do with them as you please. We have no qualms in sharing with other developers; you don't even have to credit us. Just don't sell it, that wouldn't be cool.

Why use email instead of upload?

In many cases, a file-upload system is preferred. However, in this case, sending an email with the appropriate legal documents establishes a record for both the client and us that is easily retrievable later.

Fair. Simple. Transparent.

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Modern sites require modern browsers.

To demo the latest technologies to our clients, we employ plugins and frameworks that are not supported by older browsers or Internet Explorer, prior to IE11.